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Want to develop ‘grit’? Take up surfing

Rhi Willmot, Author provided Rhi Willmot, Bangor University My friend, Joe Weghofer, is a keen surfer, so when he was told he’d never walk again, following a 20ft spine-shattering fall, […]

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Lions and lambs: can you solve this classic game theory puzzle?

Shutterstock Amirlan Seksenbayev, Queen Mary University of London How many lions does it take to kill a lamb? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Not, at least, […]

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The real reason you can’t quit Facebook? Maybe it’s because you can judge your friends

Shutterstock Philip Seargeant, The Open University and Caroline Tagg, The Open University Facebook recently announced that it now has over 2 billion monthly users. This makes its “population” larger than […]

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Getting fit and getting injured

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to any local gyms but it seems that people are sustaining injuries getting fit, and the personal accident claim solicitors are ready and waiting to […]

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Most graduates will never pay off their student loans

Pexels Andrew Gunn, University of Leeds New finding show that more than 70% of students who left university last year are never expected to finish repaying their loans. The report […]

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Owen, Sassoon and Graves: how a golf club in Scotland became the crucible for the greatest war poetry

Shutterstock Neil McLennan, University of Aberdeen In June 1917, shell-shocked and exhausted from his experiences on the Western Front, the young English poet Wilfred Owen was sent to Craiglockhart War […]

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More online banking spam

I’ve been using online banking for many years, with it comes some amount of risk. Take the message below, for example: It looks realistic, and it is certainly something that […]

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When are you too old to go clubbing?

I liked this press release because it is one of those thorny issues – when do you just begin to look sad in a nightclub? Well, if you’re in your […]

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Citizens Advice says Universal Credit should be paused

It is terribly sad for Bude (and many other areas of Cornwall) that it no longer boasts a Citizens Advice Bureau, so meanwhile, the charity’s advice is not easy to […]

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Want to know who will win at Wimbledon? Listen carefully to the players’ grunts

Jordan Raine, University of Sussex It’s that time of year again. British hopes and dreams weigh once again on one shy Scotsman’s shoulders. Expectant tennis fans will throng together on […]

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