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Five things to think about when choosing a school for your child

Ceri Brown, University of Bath In today’s educational climate of league tables, exam results and Ofsted reports, many parents may believe this is all the information needed to decide which […]

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Plastic waste is visible, but ‘natural capital’ such as bees makes more difference to a sustainable future

SADLERC1 / shutterstock Simon Potts, University of Reading The UK government’s pledge “to make ours the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it” […]

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What supplements do scientists use, and why?

RobsPhoto/Shutterstock Simon Bishop, Bangor University; Graeme Close, Liverpool John Moores University; Haleh Moravej, Manchester Metropolitan University; Justin Roberts, Anglia Ruskin University; Neil Williams, Nottingham Trent University, and Tim Spector, King’s […]

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‘Blue Monday’ is a hoax – but it could become the most depressing day of the year if you don’t watch out

Don’t give up on dry January. VGstockstudio/Shutterstock Jolanta Burke, University of East London Over the past decade, hordes of innocent people have bought the idea that the third Monday of […]

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The biological reason why it’s so hard for teenagers to wake up early for school

Shutterstock. Paul Kelley, The Open University In societies the world over, teenagers are blamed for staying up late, then struggling to wake up in the morning. While it’s true that […]

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True happiness isn’t about being happy all the time

hilalabdullah/ Lowri Dowthwaite, University of Central Lancashire Over the past two decades, the positive psychology movement has brightened up psychological research with its science of happiness, human potential and flourishing. […]

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Crying elephants and giggling rats – animals have feelings, too

Mother love. Shutterstock Emily Birch, Nottingham Trent University Years ago, we believed that we weren’t animals and that animals were here solely for our use. Indeed, a cow was just […]

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If you want to lose weight, ask yourself: is this really self-improvement?

Shutterstock. Heather Widdows, University of Birmingham After the feasting of Christmas, January is a time of detox and self-denial. It’s when people start new diets, begin new exercise regimes and […]

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How to stop the humble hedgehog disappearing from British gardens and countryside forever

Where have all the hedgehogs gone? shutterstock Daniel Allen, Keele University When the humble hedgehog was crowned “Britain’s national species” in a BBC Wildlife Magazine poll and “Britain’s favourite mammal” […]

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How Alzheimer’s disease spreads throughout the brain – new study

Harmful tau protein spreads through networks. Author provided Thomas E Cope, University of Cambridge Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating brain illness that affects an estimated 47m people worldwide. It is […]

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