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Want to develop ‘grit’? Take up surfing

Rhi Willmot, Author provided Rhi Willmot, Bangor University My friend, Joe Weghofer, is a keen surfer, so when he was told he’d never walk again, following a 20ft spine-shattering fall, […]

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Lions and lambs: can you solve this classic game theory puzzle?

Shutterstock Amirlan Seksenbayev, Queen Mary University of London How many lions does it take to kill a lamb? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Not, at least, […]

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Helicopter or lawnmower? Modern parenting styles can get in the way of raising well-balanced children

Do you have to choose between independence and attachment? Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock Amy Brown, Swansea University When many middle-aged people think back to their childhood, they remember roaming the streets with […]

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Fact Check: would banning zero-hours contracts harm more people than it would help?

Jason Heyes, University of Sheffield So while Matthew’s report is clear that many workers value the flexibility that zero-hours contracts offer them, and that banning such contracts altogether would harm […]

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Did you know that dementia is fatal?

My mother, 89, died in May from advanced dementia and diabetes mellitus, two diseases with often fatal outcomes of which people seem unaware. Yet, new research has revealed that 38% […]

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Well, Kirsty, mine is in the shed!

Domestic appliance repair company has asked 2,000 British men and women where their washing machine is kept.  The question comes just days after property presenter Kirstie Allsopp caused a heated debate […]

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What to look for when choosing a good care home

How to identify a good care home. via Claire Goodman, University of Hertfordshire Although four out of five adult care homes in England evaluated in a recent report by […]

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Women’s Euro 2017 football preview – all you need to know

Helen Owton, The Open University As the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup draws towards its conclusion, the summer of women’s sport takes to the football pitch with the UEFA Women’s […]

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The real reason you can’t quit Facebook? Maybe it’s because you can judge your friends

Shutterstock Philip Seargeant, The Open University and Caroline Tagg, The Open University Facebook recently announced that it now has over 2 billion monthly users. This makes its “population” larger than […]

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The numbers show that marriage does make men fatter

Does my BMI look big in this? Shutterstock Joanna Syrda, University of Bath Wedding vows traditionally account for the possibility of bumps in the road ahead. For richer for poorer […]

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