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Why book a hotel in your own town?

Ever wondered why people stay in hotels in their home town? Well, the answers may surprise you… The team behind polled 2,088 people aged 18 and over from around the UK to […]

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How you type with your smartphone can reveal your age – here’s why it matters

Two thumb typing. Shutterstock Tom Page, Nottingham Trent University When computers hit the mainstream, the older guy in the office would always be sniggered at when bashing away on his […]

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Explaining coprophagy – why do dogs eat their own poo?

Shutterstock Jacqueline Boyd, Nottingham Trent University Dogs are scavengers. As many dog owners know to their cost, dogs often have a penchant for things that we find less than palatable. […]

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Teenagers aren’t reading enough tough books – here’s why they should worry

Shutterstock. Keith Topping, University of Dundee We may be living in the digital age, but reading books is still a big part of growing up. And the books that young […]

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Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment

We are all increasingly aware of environmental problems caused by plastics but what about our other habits when we travel? Here’s an article by Brendan Canavan on the very subject […]

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9/10 people would not give to those in need

This comes from a nice little marketing press release, so here it is, but I’m not convinced people, even in large cities, are as unpleasant as this suggests. What do […]

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What do children and young people spend their money on?

From ONS: Children aged 15 years spent more than three times that of a seven-year-old, new data from ONS has revealed. Spending data for the financial years 2015 to 2017 […]

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Pet theft is on the rise, with more than 60 dogs stolen in the UK every week

52% of dogs are stolen from gardens. Pexels Daniel Allen, Keele University Almost half of UK households have a pet at the heart of their family. And each and every […]

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Incontinence affects more than 200m people worldwide, so why isn’t more being done to find a cure?

Shutterstock Annika Wallin, Lund University; Nils-Eric Sahlin, Lund University, and Wändi Bruine de Bruin, University of Leeds For a chronic health condition that causes shame and misery for countless people […]

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How the digitalisation of everything is making us more lonely

Icatnews/Shutterstock Chris Allen, University of Southampton The UK government recently appointed its first minister of loneliness. The move came in response to increasing concern of a loneliness epidemic sweeping Western […]

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