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How grandparent childcare is helping mums back into work

Grandma time. via Shireen Kanji, University of Birmingham It is taken for granted that grandparents care for their grandchildren – so much so that their presence at the school […]

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Six things to know about mass shootings in America

A woman sits on a curb at the scene of a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, in Las Vegas. AP Photo/John Locher Frederic Lemieux, Georgetown […]

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For better gut bacteria, eat more oily fish

IKasparus/Shutterstock Ana Valdes, University of Nottingham Having lots of different types of bacteria in your gut has many health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel […]

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App to help clown phobia…

• 12% of people have coulrophobia also known as clown phobia. (According to YouGov) so I’ve tried my best to find a non-scary clown image! • The remake of the […]

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Does Bude have Britain’s happiest worker?

The search is on to find Britain’s happiest workers and workplaces for the National Happiness Awards 2017. And this year, in addition to honouring the country’s happiest organisations and employees, […]

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Puppy-farmed dogs show worse behaviour, suffer ill health and die young – so adopt, don’t shop

This is something I feel really, really strongly about so am sharing the article with you. Please don’t buy puppy farmed dogs – better still, adopt. Adopt a dog – […]

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Haribo found at the Breakwater

It seems the message is getting out there among the people who matter most in terms of our futures, the young.  Great to get this from a local youngster.   […]

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Getting fit and getting injured

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to any local gyms but it seems that people are sustaining injuries getting fit, and the personal accident claim solicitors are ready and waiting to […]

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When are you too old to go clubbing?

I liked this press release because it is one of those thorny issues – when do you just begin to look sad in a nightclub? Well, if you’re in your […]

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Strawberries favourite fruit in the SW

A new survey, commissioned to promote Diabetes UK’s Food you Love campaign during Diabetes Week, has found that broccoli and the tomato tie for first place as the south west’s […]

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