How you type with your smartphone can reveal your age – here’s why it matters

Two thumb typing. Shutterstock Tom Page, Nottingham Trent University When computers hit the mainstream, the older guy in the office would always be sniggered at when bashing away on his […]

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Explaining coprophagy – why do dogs eat their own poo?

Shutterstock Jacqueline Boyd, Nottingham Trent University Dogs are scavengers. As many dog owners know to their cost, dogs often have a penchant for things that we find less than palatable. […]

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Teenagers aren’t reading enough tough books – here’s why they should worry

Shutterstock. Keith Topping, University of Dundee We may be living in the digital age, but reading books is still a big part of growing up. And the books that young […]

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Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment

We are all increasingly aware of environmental problems caused by plastics but what about our other habits when we travel? Here’s an article by Brendan Canavan on the very subject […]

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Bude and Beyond - Be Inspired

Be inspired to take a course…

It’s that time of year when sometimes you just want to curl up at home, or you want to be out but feel a need to learn something, DO something. […]

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Be inspired…to write a letter…

I’m always thrilled when I receive a letter.  You know the kind of thing, a handwritten, thoughtful, chatty one from a friend, which gives you a real flavour of what […]

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Be inspired to…read!

I don’t read. How often have you heard people say that? Or even: I don’t have time to read? Bah! I strongly suspect that people who dislike reading largely struggle with it. […]

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Bude and Beyond - Be Local

3 days of live music at Penstowe

If you remember the likes of Focus (Dutch band, Hocus Pocus, Sylvia, etc) and Wishbone Ash, check out the Bude Blues Festival website here.

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Bude and Beyond - Be Nostalgic

From builder to coffin maker. Interview with Bude’s Bryan Adams

As part of an  interview with  local resident , Bryan Adams,  I learned how  Bryan gained an apprenticeship at Pethicks the building company in Bude. They had an interesting arm […]

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