Fifty years of gay rights but some in the British media are peddling the same homophobia

EddieCloud/ Michael Lovelock, Cardiff Metropolitan University On July 27 2017, it will be 50 years since the first major gay rights reform in British history. The Sexual Offences Act 1967 […]

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Employment tribunal fees deemed illegal

Citizens Advice has responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning that fees for Employment Tribunals are unlawful. The national charity called on government to act swiftly to suspend the […]

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Is being a teenager today easy?

Not sure being a teenager at any time is a breeze with hormones, boundary pushing, and people wanting you to grow up, get well qualified and act like an adult. […]

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For some kids school holidays mean hunger and isolation

Food glorious food – not for all children. pexels. Pamela L Graham, Northumbria University, Newcastle and Greta Defeyter, Northumbria University, Newcastle The school holidays, the best times of your life, […]

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How to build the perfect sandcastle – according to science

Now you can do it too. Matthew Bennett, Author provided Matthew Robert Bennett, Bournemouth University Whether we prefer water sports or relaxing with a good book, the humble sandcastle is […]

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Your dog has a better memory than a chimpanzee

Claudia Uller, Kingston University Any dog owner will tell you how smart they think their dog is. What we usually think of as smartness in dogs is measured or observed […]

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Why both teens and teachers could benefit from later school start times

Maybe a good idea, but the impact on kids like me (who liked to get up early) would be more negative.   Why both teens and teachers could benefit from […]

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Bude & Beyond is growing…

Just had a look at some site stats. In our first year of counting, 2013, Bude and Beyond had a mere 31,483 views from September to December. In 2014, for […]

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Visiting St Juliot Church

Despite studying and loving literature, I have always struggled to read Thomas Hardy. He is so lusciously descriptive that it sometimes feels like overkill. Discussing writing with locally-based romantic fiction […]

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