Yet another phone scam

Missed call/ text from unknown number scam: Fraudster sends a text message or leaves a voicemail/missed call on the victim’s phone. The victim then calls/texts back and is unwittingly connected to […]

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Prince Harry and the history of the heir and ‘the spare’

Of course, the wedding has now been and gone…so is no longer up and coming. Jonathan Spangler, Manchester Metropolitan University The upcoming wedding of Prince Harry of Wales to the […]

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Great questions from children that we all want the answers to…

Curious Kids: ‘I would like to know why man lions have manes and lady lions don’t’ Some studies show that female lions prefer darker coloured manes to bigger manes. Flickr/Eric […]

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How dementia is portrayed in comics – and what sufferers think about it

‘I’m still me inside’. Ayelet-keshet/ Sarah McNicol, Manchester Metropolitan University Worldwide, there are an estimated 46.8m people living with dementia. The numbers affected will double every 20 years, rising to […]

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Men more concerned with appearance than mental health

British men are still much more interested in their physical appearance than their mental health, a new survey of more than two thousand males has revealed. The research, commissioned by […]

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NHS spending £146+ billion on temp staff

Following new research from the Open University, which found that NHS trusts in England are spending at least £1.46 billion each year on temporary nursing staff, Healthier Recruitment has urged hiring managers […]

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