Bangors Organic veg boxes delivery – now order and pay online

From Bangors Organic:

We are delighted that our new website is up and running. To order your fresh, seasonal, organic produce delivered to your door, just go to our online ordering site. If you want to ‘set and forget’, subscribe to one of our standard boxes, it couldn’t be easier!
Go to the link and support your local growers.

Our organic veg boxes offer a sustainable and affordable alternative to supermarket shopping – much of which is grown on our five-acre family-run smallholding, Bangors Organic. Our gardens have been certified organic for 17 years, ensuring that only the most nutritious, ethically-conscious produce reaches our customers.

Unlike conventional farming, which makes wide use of manufactured fertilisers and pesticides, organic growing methods use natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and respect the precious ecosystems that yield our crops.

This is something we are passionate about.

Our 11KW wind turbine means we are able to deliver to you for free in our fully electric van, making as small an impact on the environment as possible.

There is no silver bullet for overcoming the environmental challenges that face us. But by buying a Bangors Organic Veg Box – containing food as it should be – you’re that little step closer.

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