Ban cheap polystyrene bodyboards petition

If this petition gets 10,000 signatures, the government will respond to it. It is hard to believe that only 5,775 signatures have so far been added, so here’s hoping people in Bude will galvanise themselves to add voice to the campaign.

Cheap polystyrene bodyboards have blighted coastlines across the world for decades. Annually,  hundreds of thousands of low-cost body boards are discarded on beaches across the world. We see it in Bude. Broken bodyboards discarded on the beach, at the sea pool and (best case scenario) by the bins.

The petition info says:

Keep  Britain Tidy report that 16,000 cheap polystyrene bodyboards ended up discarded on UK beaches  every year. Hundreds of these “sub £10” brightly coloured boards, known to break easily often after  only one or two uses, are invariably discarded on northern Devon beaches by angry parents who feel cheated. These 16,000 single-use boards create a large amount of waste in the UK and create a huge carbon footprint.

These boards, made from a block of standard polystyrene wrapped in brightly  printed nylon cloth, are sourced from China, transported thousands of miles only to snap within  minutes of use. Standard polystyrene is fragile and crumbles easily posing danger to sea and shore  life alike as animals mistake these small white nuggets for food – Polystyrene Popcorn.

Wouldn’t it be great if shops in Bude stopped selling them?

On 21st May, Plastic Free Torridge, who are ahead of the game on this issue, reported on their Facebook page:

Yesterday, we spent some time with the BBC Spotlight team filming about the forthcoming FREE2HIRE bodyboard scheme in Westward Ho!
Now, residents and visitors there will be offered free hire of quality wooden body boards to use at Westward Ho! beach. Starting Tuesday 1st June, six adult and six child sized bodyboards will be available rent free from Kitemare Surf and Kite shop on the Green in Westward Ho!
Hopefully, other towns in the SW are following suit and taking action.


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