Attenborough isn’t wrong …

“In times of crisis, the natural world is a source of both joy and solace. The natural world produces the comfort that comes from nothing else.” – Sir David Attenborough


National and international treasure, Sir David Attenborough is right when he mentions the solace of nature in times of crisis. Maybe we will all be minded to treat it better in the future.


I must admit I’d be lost (normally and even more so at the moment) without my dog walks, and the display the birds lend to me, through song and performance. Seeing the hedgerows change colour daily helps, too.


So, here’s some of the natural world I’ve been encountering during lockdown (some, bunnies and squirrels, are too fast to capture on camera) which cheers me, and hopefully will you, too. If you have anything cheerful to share (or not cheerful if it needs sharing) please communicate.

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