Argos at Bude Sainsbury’s?

There is a lot of discussion about Bude Sainsbury’s acting as an Argos collection point. It also acts as an eBay collection point, and DPD pickup point.

Basically, you buy online, click and collect at the store. Does it make much more sense than driving to the nearest Argos (in my case, Barnstaple)? Is it good for Bude? Will it impact on other shops?

You decide. Your comments welcome.




  • Jade says:

    Yes! This would be a much valued service, i usually visit the Argos in Launceston which is still a 40 minute drive and £10 in fuel. A collection point would make things a lot easier. The only things we buy from argos are mainly toys for our child, who doesn’t travel well. Considering you can click and collect TU orders at the Bude store, which has proven so easy to do, I’d love to see this going forward.

  • Eric Harris says:

    No brainer, go for it. Save fuel, time and we would use Argos more.

  • Penny says:

    Bude Sainsbury’s has been acting as an Argos collection point for sometime now which I have found very useful.

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