Are you self-isolating? Have your weekly shopping delivered right up to your door

From Bude Food Hub:


We are open as usual up to 9 pm, Monday and deliveries/collections will take place 3-8pm on Wednesday.  Carbon neutral deliveries of sustainable Cornish food around North Cornwall.

Are you self-isolating? Have your weekly shopping delivered right up to your door.

Reduced this week: Leeks, Basmati rice, grapefruit, lime,  broccoli, cauliflower, spinach

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Our organic Red Ruby beef comes from a small farm near Bodmin and their roasting joints, steaks, mince etc are excellent. The same farm also supplies wonderful organic chicken.

We still offer Cottage Farm raised organic Wiltshire Horn lamb, and believe me, there is no better.

And now we also have organic diced Goat Meat for you.
Goat meat is very healthy and is both a staple and a delicacy in the world’s cuisines.
Despite being classified as red meat, goat is leaner and contains less cholesterol than both lamb and beef. It requires low-heat, slow cooking to preserve tenderness and moisture.
Here are some recipes to try:

The Swannacott pork is not organic, but it is local and raised well near Week St Mary.

Our seafood is amazing. All of it caught by sustainable means, none from sea bed dredging trawlers and all landed in Plymouth.



We also have a great range of locally produced drinks for you, direct from our brilliant producers!

And Baker Tom have widened their range

And here is some of the fantastic organic food we have for you …

Any questions, just text me on 079 0529 0530. Check out our facebook page!


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