Are wild flower verges the way forward?

Thanks to Gunita Wilson for sending in this as an idea.



  • Steve Haynes says:

    A concerted programme of rewilding and encouragement of wild flowers would promote the preservation of local insect and bird species, act as a carbon sink to help fight the climate emergency, and also look beautiful. To be really effective, the council should seek to coordinate this policy with our surrounding rural parishes.

  • Maggie Brocklehurst says:

    My hubby and I complained to CC because when we were travelling to Launceston the other week they were mowing miles of verge and the hedge completely down to the ground! All of the flowers gone and goodness knows how much wildlife habitat destroyed.
    This is a council who has closed public toilets which are needed by the tourist industry here in North Cornwall because they don’t have enough money to run them. However, they have enough in the budget to destroy our beautiful wildflowers and wildlife!

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