Are visitors overloading our pharmacies?

It seems that pharmacies are reporting many prescriptions being issued are for people with primary addresses outside the area.

It is easy to leap to the conclusion that we are being overrun by visitors who are disobeying the regulations.

However it is not always the case. For example, my daughter returned from university for the end of term (well before the lockdown) when she realised her planned holiday in Europe would not happen, and while the trains were still running.

Down here, with coronavirus of key concern, she has been unable to re-register with her old doctor (which made life a bit difficult) but fortunately her doctor from Birmingham was able to send an electronic prescription for her to Bude.

So, yes, it has a Birmingham address on the prescription but no, she is not from Birmingham. She has spent most of her life down here, which is her home.

I realise that not everyone will be in those circumstances and that many prescriptions will be for people going against the directive in order to visit second homes, and so on.  However, not everything is clear cut in these strange times.

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