Are small businesses ruining Bude?

Here’s a view from a member of the public.

It is not my view and I’ve edited it a lot, but I defend a person’s rights to their views to be shared here (if not libellous or some form of personal attack, etc.) Anyway, it might bring some discussion forward.

See what you think and share your thoughts here.

This is the sanitised gist of what he said:

If you want to open a store, bar, club, cinema, or any other type of money-making thing in Bude, make it something worthwhile.

Bring back the greengrocers and butchers.

Do away with the bric-a-brac, artsy stuff, charity shops and downmarket bars.


PS: I’ve deleted it from the Facebook page, not particularly because of censorship, but because I haven’t got all day to monitor the comments.  Any comments must be made here, please.


  • Lesley says:

    I’m not sure that if you choose to publish someone else’s work it should be heavily edited? Comments taken out of context do not show the true picture of that person’s opinion. It’s called censoring and its what journalists do. That’s why I no longer believe anything any newspapers print. In my opinion, you have just descredited yourself as you openly admit to editing other people’s words.

    • I take your point, but we are a community newspaper and my role is to not cause serious offence which, in its entirety, it would have.

      The comments are not out of context. The point is still there without the words ‘god damn’, ‘crap’ ‘slum’ and ‘brothel’ therein.

      I also edited the spelling and grammar.

      So, I defend my right to decide what is acceptable here, while still wishing to give the main idea an airing for this person. If someone takes the time to submit something, then, within editorial decision-making (and most stuff on here is very lightly edited, by the way) I feel they should be allowed their say (which is still there within the article – look).

      I appreciate it won’t please everyone but believe me, I’d have had far more complaints if I had published it unedited.

      Finally, I don’t feel discredited, and I prefer to be open about the editing. I think that makes me upfront and honest, which is how I prefer to be. If I hadn’t said I’d edited it, to be honest, you’d never have known.

      I can’t vouch for other news outlets, or really comment on people’s trust/distrust of the media in general.

    • Thomas says:

      Wow, that’s a headline I thought I would never see!

      Small businesses make Bude what it is, unique! There are so many great small businesses in Bude, we should be encouraging people to support the shops when they reopen after lockdown, not put people off!

  • Helen says:

    Everyone entitled to a view in the same way everyone is entitled to make a living to support themselves and family. If this is not to your taste then you just don’t shop there?
    There are many small businesses in Bude at this time doing everything to support the key workers through this pandemic. I’d like to thank you.

  • Binzy Reynolds says:

    I’m sorry to hear someone thinks small businesses have ruined Bude. The reason there aren’t many greengrocers or butchers is because supermarkets have taken their business. It’s all very well asking to bring them back but has the person commenting carried out a business study to see if it is viable? I sincerely doubt it. Not many businesses, (small or otherwise), can compete with supermarkets who deliberately keep prices down when in competition with another business in the same area. Once that particular business has ceased trading, supermarket prices return to normal. If you wish Bude to be the same as every other town in this country, go ahead. Get rid of the small businesses which give Bude its character and fill the town with the usual bland mainstream retail outlets.

    As for the editing/censorship issue, if a submission is full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and/or foul language, please edit. It would make Bude and Beyond appear bad otherwise.

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