Are Cornish people lazy about their rubbish?

Well, according to Cornwall Live, the answer is yes. Too many people put their rubbish bags out the night before collection and the gulls have a ball.

To be fair, this isn’t just Cornwall. It happens everywhere unless there is a wheelie bin service. Urban areas are prey to foxes, dogs and cats tearing open rubbish bags for food. Torridge seems to have a good answer. It provides food recycling containers for indoors and to decant outdoors which have animal-proof lids. Therefore, no black bin bag rubbish needs to be of a food variety.

Sometimes, it isn’t laziness, it is busy-ness, or not knowing quite what time the refuse collectors will arrive, and not wanting to miss them. More solutions are needed. Gull proof bags are one answer (you can get them at the one-stop shops) or lidded food recycling boxes. Or maybe, supermarkets should stop doing bogof deals and we should all purchase only the food we are likely to eat. Revolutionary!


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