Appreciation for all we have

Really thrilled to have been sent a poem to share on this website. Julie Barlow, the author, says:

Originally from Liverpool, I’ve lived on the Wirral for most of my life.

I’ve been coming to Cornwall since I was little and lived here (Bude) for 15 months.

I go through phases with writing, am very amateur but write (mostly)to express my appreciation for all we have.

Well, I think Julie’s short poem is wonderful. I find dawn a very special time, the birth of a new day. Today, of all days, on Remembrance Sunday, this concept of life and light especially resonates, so while it is not a Remembrance Day poem, the end of conflict somehow fits this sense of thankful appreciation.


At the birth of a new day.
The sun rises and spreads its cloak of light over the earth.
Without this light, the ember of life would flicker and die.
Leaving the creation as it all began.

The heavens cradle our wealth in their infinity.
The sun is our gold, the moons are our sovereigns.
The stars litter the cosmos to bedeck the galaxies in a jewelled symphony of light.

I can do no more than gaze in wonder and give thanks that I am so rich.
Tomorrow I will be rich again, when the cloak of light returns.

By Jessica Gibbs

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