Another scam


Callers claim to be from HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue & Customs) – demand money for “unpaid tax” and seem to be targeting Devon & Cornwall.

Callers claim to be from HMRC and threaten arrest or legal action for non-payment of taxes and then ask for bank details  – this is a SCAM.

HMRC will NEVER contact people in this manner and NEVER ask for bank details over the phone. Hang up, don’t call back, report the fraud

None of the callers to the actionfraud contact centre have fallen for it, and on balance appear to be older persons. Well done to them. Please share this warning and talk to older friends and relatives who may not see it online, as this is a telephone fraud.

Variations on this scam are callers again purporting to be from HMRC and offering a tax rebate, or demanding payment in the form of iTunes gift cards. Neither of these things will ever genuinely be done by HMRC.
Keep vigilan.

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