Animal welfare promises go out of the window

Yesterday, Cornish MPs had their third and final chance to back British farmers and vote to uphold Britain’s animal welfare standards – and failed to take it.
Conservative MPs voted down Amendment 16B of the Agriculture Bill, added to the Bill in the House of Lords, which would have forced the UK Government to ensure that British food and animal welfare standards are maintained in any trade deals.
The House of Commons voted 331 to 272, majority 59, to disagree with the House of Lords amendment, relating to animal welfare, environmental protection and food safety.
Instead, MPs backed a government amendment to the Bill to increase parliamentary scrutiny of free trade agreements.
Those who voted against the animal welfare measures included: Scott Mann, Steve Double and Geoffrey Cox.

Scott Mann

According to the NFU, over a million people have signed their petition calling for the UK Government to put laws in place that prevent imports of food that is produced in ways that are illegal here in the UK.

MPs in the House of Commons during the Covid-19 pandemic – Credit: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament

Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson, Tim Farron, said:

The Conservatives promised to protect British farmers, but their reckless action means they have betrayed that promise.

We now risk seeing food that is currently illegal in the UK – like hormone treated beef and fruit and vegetables produced using banned pesticide – make it onto our supermarket shelves, as the Government will be free to slash standards in a bid to secure new trade deals.

Veterinary surgeon, Danny Chambers,  and the Lib Dem who stood against MP Scott Mann for North Cornwall in the last election, said:
Tory MPs have voted to throw British Agriculture under a bus.
This won’t be a surprise to anyone, but it is very disappointing.
Scott Yes Mann and all the other Tory MPs in Cornwall just voted AGAINST protecting our animal welfare standards in future trade deals.
This the third time they’ve voted not to support British farmers but instead broken their election promise to protect animal welfare and environmental standards.
Our MP in North Cornwall refused to attend the NFU hustings last year, and it’s clear from his recent voting record that farming, the environment and animal welfare are not on his list of concerns.

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