Amazing feedback for Bude

Author Dr Mary Welford has been in touch. She is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a founding member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation. She spent this weekend in Bude on a retreat. She explains this was:

Attended by 19 therapists from the NHS, the arena of elite sports, Help for Heroes, trauma services, perinatal & child services, looked-after children & adoption services, recovery services, brain injury services …

We had delegates from across the UK and even one from Thailand (who is currently still in Bude as she decided to stay on a few days with a friend).  While most  stopped  the 3 nights,  a number extended their stay

Our delegates spend their working lives assisting others and this can take its toll.  The aim of our weekends is to look after them, restore wellbeing and give them practices to assist both themselves and the people they work with, going forward.
The part the Castle, the community and other Bude venues played was pivotal. Our evenings  were spent at the Olive Tree, Rosie’s and on Crooklets Beach (with soup from An Mor and use of facilities at the SLSC).  We had amazing Yoga with Vika Bundy and Rosie Lewis and an incredible walk with Roger Higgs. Everyone commented that  Bude was exactly the right space and place for them to relax, be vulnerable, restore and connect.   It was such a successful weekend and we plan to run it for a third time next year.
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you and hope that this email gives you a warm glow for your part in it.


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