Amanda Tame elected Mayor

Congratulations to Amanda Tame and Simon Browning.

From Bude and Stratton Council:

Congratulations to the new Mayor Cllr Amanda Tame who was unanimously voted in by her fellow Councillors for the municipal year 2021/2022. We wish her well in her first term as Chair of the Council.

Amanda Tame, Bude-Stratton new mayor – photo from Bude-Stratton Community Alliance.

Cllr Simon Browning was voted in as Deputy Mayor and Chairman.

Simon Browning – photo Bude – Stratton Community Alliance

The Council resolved to suspend the meeting and committee programme for the foreseeable, while the Council undertakes a review of future meeting structures.

Whilst this takes place there will be a meeting held on the 27th of May, where the Full Council will be in attendance to review planning applications.

Current business will be dealt with at Full Council meetings, as and when they are scheduled, until a programme is put in place.

Notice of meetings will be issued on the Town Council website and notice boards in advance of the meetings.

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