All the Ps permanently closed

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh:

It was hard to keep up with the indefatigable Kim Gouldson of All the Ps, a centre for all sorts of activity from tea-room to market garden, and all sorts in between, including artisan gifts, charity fundraisers and craft classes. All the while, Kim working incredibly long hours, rising early each day, while also continuing to care for her beloved husband, Allan Gouldson, who has motor neurone disease, with which he was sadly diagnosed in 2014.

Kim Gouldson

On the website, it said:

At that time (of Allan’s diagnosis) we were living in a tiny cob cottage with no hope of any alterations being able to be carried out that would enable us to stay there.  We were very, very fortunate to have friends who own Rack Park, a large bungalow all set up for wheelchair use and 4.5 acres of land and they were willing to rent it to us!  2 years ago we decided that we needed to do something to improve the land and hopefully provide the means to pay the rent and raise funds for charities.

It all started with a bag of surplus leeks and a few sticks of rhubarb that we put at the end of the drive for sale and  progressed to selling not only our own organically grown produce but other local producers’ wares.  

I’ve enjoyed wonderful cakes and veg from All the Ps, whose Facebook page will soon close but currently has some wonderful comments and reviews.

Kim and Allan have not ceased to amaze me with their energy, their adaptability, and their generosity which has known no bounds.

Alas, Kim and Allan’s time at Rack Park has to end, and retirement beckons (though I cannot imagine Kim, also a talented photographer, retiring for long) for them to enjoy their time together.

Always keen to help others, I can only wish Kim and Allan rather inadequate good wishes for the future, after the end of a chapter at what had begun to be something of a Stratton institution for locals and visitors alike!

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Kim and Allan


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