Air Ambulance charity shop vandalised

Sad news this morning from Cornwall Air Ambulance who say that their charity shop in Bodmin has been vandalised.

The shop in Bodmin has suffered several incidents of vandalism, causing the charity over £1,000 in repairs, which makes you wonder why people do it?

The damage inflicted includes broken windows, barriers, railings and damage to delivery vans.

While efforts have been made by the charity to deal with the ongoing vandalism, the issue continues to have a costly impact on Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Tim Bunting, Chief Executive of Cornwall Air Ambulance, said: “We are fortunate to have a fantastic group of staff and volunteers who dedicate their time to making the shop a success.

“Our shop in Bodmin is a vital source of fundraising to help keep the helicopter in the skies, saving lives. As a charity funded by the public, we want to make sure that every penny goes towards these lifesaving missions and not repairing damage.”

Cornwall Air Ambulance opened their newest charity shop in Bodmin less than a year ago and plan to open a community space, HeliHub, within the shop this year.

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