Advertising/Sponsorship Rates

For 2021, we have decided to only take rotating ads.

The cost of this is £100 for a year, or £10 per month if you prefer to try it out, use it for a shorter period or prefer to pay in instalments.

For this amount, you can send in info/photos for us to use or write articles about new products/events/changes to your organisation – and place free job adverts.

A rotating ad means that ads appear whenever anyone clicks on a page. We also keep an eye on the social media of our advertisers and share on Facebook/Instagram wherever possible.

Our website averaged 1028 views a day in 2020, and has averaged 818 daily during 2021 (the pandemic lockdown has reduced news rather)..

Our Facebook page has 7, 178 people following (as on 18th May, 2021).

Twitter has 3, 424 followers.

Instagram has 3, 569 followers.

Due to Covid-19, we are no longer offering promotional business interviews, at least until the future becomes clearer.