Advert removal – sad times

In a first since Bude & Beyond first started in 2013, we have had to remove an advertisement for non-payment (despite polite reminders).

We are always aware that things can go wrong in people’s lives, but not communicating/ignoring them is never a good response. The business concerned achieved 4 months of free advertising on Bude & Beyond; we hope it helped them.

We are not a profit-making organisation but sponsoring advertising helps us to cover our costs. Our concern is that companies that do not pay their bills are probably not ones (ethically) that we should be offering space or promotion to.

So, we shan’t name the business but the advertisement has been removed. These things happen, and it is not the end of the world.

Disappointing to be exploited, nonetheless, and hope no one was adversely affected by the company concerned.


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