Additional fallout from Bude gas explosion

When a gas explosion happened last week at a house in Traly Close in Bude, fortunately – and perhaps miraculously – everyone was unharmed.

However, the house next door to where the explosion happened was also badly damaged by the fallout of the explosion.

Jean Ackford, the mother of Natasha Cheriyan set up a Go Fund Me page to help her daughter, son-in-law, Abilash, and their two children, Aiden and Priya. So far, £2,750 has been raised.

Jean says:

All they have is the clothes on their backs and a few essentials they were able to grab in the little time they were given to empty their home.

Her husband, Nigel added:

They’ve both not worked for a week, so lost a week’s wages each. Now, they are living out of a few of their boxes.
To help to get them and their children settled, any contributions will be greatly received.

Abilash, who was watching TV and looking after the couple’s sleeping children at the time of the explosion said:

My children were sleeping in same room. There was a very loud bang and my son’s bed that is against the neighbour’s wall jumped off the floor.

Shocked, I looked out the window to see what was going on, when I saw all the bricks and the neighbour’s window on the floor.

I grabbed both my children, Aiden 2 years old and Priya 7 years, and ran out the house to my family’s house 2 minutes’ walk away.

After dropping them to safety, I ran back to help our neighbours out of their home. Not long later, my wife just got back from her 14 hour shift to find out what had happened; it was a gas explosion in the neighbour’s house.

I also didn’t realise until I got to my family’s house later on that I had cuts on my feet from the glass that is all over the road as I didn’t have time for shoes and was still in shock.

That night we stayed on my family’s floor, me, my wife and 2 children. The next day, we contacted the Council and were told they couldn’t help with anything as me and my wife work. We also had our landlord that we rent from contact her insurance company about emergency accommodation but their policy does not cover it.

Deacon Debbie Marsh, from Bude Methodist Church, and all the lovely people that attend the church, helped us with emergency accommodation by putting us up in the Premier Inn. Our rented home that we have lived in 6 years has been left and is unsafe to go back to.

We also had help to move some essential items from our home from Deb and Ian Marsh and Andrew Pitt. Since then we have been able to grab some more of our items but unfortunately may not be able to get all our belongings due to the damage in the house.

Thank you for everyone that helped us get what was possible. We are currently staying in a holiday let for a couple of weeks while we get sorted.

We are devastated about what’s happened to our home but, most importantly, everyone is safe. We Would like to thank everyone, especially Deb Marsh and the Methodist Church and everyone for all the kind donations and help. Also, a big thank you to our good friend, Paul Bicky Crum, for all his help. Thank you all.

Bude is such a lovely community and we all stick together in times of need.

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