Acts of vandalism in Bude

As well as hearing on social media of cars damaged in Flexbury, it was saddening to hear of two acts of vandalism which seem to offer no benefit to the perpetrators.

Jay’s Aim reported on Facebook that one of their defibrillator signs in Bude has been vandalised. They said:

We are really disappointed and frustrated to see one of our defib signs in Bude has been vandalised.
To the person(s) who did this, these signs are there to make people aware of, and to direct people to, a defibrillator in the event of an emergency.
Defibrillators sometimes referred to as ‘Heart Restarters’ are used in the event of a cardiac arrest and often mean the difference between life and death. Vandalising such signs may prevent or delay their use in situations where every second normally counts.
This sign was paid for using donated money and we will now have to spend even more donated money replacing it when it should be spent on providing additional lifesaving equipment or training in other places of need.
Before you decide to randomly vandalise other people’s property out of boredom or whatever please consider how you would feel if it was something that belonged to you. At the very least use your brain and think about the items purpose and the possible consequences of destroying it.
I also heard from someone who said:
I went for a walk over Maer Downs on Monday and the gate lock at the Northcott Beach end has been hacksawed off making in hard to open and close the gate.
This does not sound like accidental damage. Be great to think of something useful people could be involved with – beats destruction every time.

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