Activities Week at Bude Canal for primary pupils

By Lucille Opie:

This year we are celebrating the bicentenary of the canal and there have been many interesting events taking place. We contacted the Bude Junior and Infant Schools (now called Bude Primary Academy) to ask if they would run a project about the canal at some point during the year and were delighted when we were told they would spend the whole of their ‘activities week’ doing a project on the Bude Canal. There were workshops where they designed and made paper boats and bridges and built a canal on the school field.

They studied and learnt how the unique Bude lock and inclined plane worked. They had an art day, drawing and painting pictures of the canal. There was a poetry competition kindly judged by the well-respected leader of a local poetry group, Kate Compston, and book tokens were given to her chosen top two from each year at an assembly the following week. An exhibition of the work from all years was set out and finally, the children, with parents and teachers walked along the Canal to the Weir noting the wildlife and fauna, even counting butterflies!

We, the Trustees of the canal are extremely grateful to the schools. The teachers deserve an accolade for the time spent organising, writing the timetable and teaching about the canal. We feel that, along with the wonderful musical play ‘Hidden Depths’, performed at the Budehaven Community school, all the young people of Bude have been really well educated this year about the Bude Canal and we hope they will always love and respect it, our greatest asset to Bude along with our Sea pool.

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