A39 roadworks go on and on…

What is going on along the A39? Sat in traffic both ways over the last couple of days en route to Tiverton Parkway, I noticed the sheer scale of the roadworks on the A39 at Bucks Cross near the new Route 39 site.

The photos taken by my passenger daughter are not that clear due to grey, murky conditions but the amount of work being undertaken seems phenomenal. The delays are not great either, especially as there are more unavoidable delays ahead on the Torridge Bridge.

Can anyone tell me why the banking on the opposite side of the road to the Route 39 site is being dug up? Is this for road widening? I appreciate that part is not in the Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty but it nonetheless looks unattractive for visitors.

It’s taking a long time and slowing the traffic tremendously so needs resolving before the main summer tourist season. Currently, it just looks a mess. Heaven knows what it is costing, but I guess there is some logic to it.

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