A word about the loos in Boscastle

Yesterday, I popped to Boscastle. The weather was mixed, some visitors were dotted around, and the car parking was free (charging restarts on 17th May – thank you Cornwall Council). I had a lovely meander, but before leaving for home, decided to use the loo.

The public toilets by the car park in Boscastle cost 20p. This is because Cornwall Council chose to close the toilets and instead they were delegated to/taken on by  the community, and a mighty fine job they do, too. The toilet block itself was very clean and hand washing facilities good.

However, of the 4 toilets open for use yesterday, 3 were blocked: one with toilet paper, one with sanitary products and one with a so-called disposable nappy. Ladies using the toilets were appalled by the state of them.

This does not come down to the community who do a grand job retaining a facility for people to use (thank you) but to the people (public) who use the facilities. How many people throw these products down their toilets at home to cause a fun old blockage?

Toilets, people, are for 3 things only: pee, poo and paper.

Don’t put the following in toilets and then they will work for you when you need one (there are plenty of bins close to those particular toilets, anyway).

  • Paper towels – they don’t easily disintegrate in sewers
  • Cosmetic/baby wipes – which lead to fatbergs
  • Condoms – they are made of latex and are not biodegradable
  • Sanitary products – towels and tampons – they obstruct the pipes
  • Nappies – which also expand when they take in water, as any parent knows
  • Tissues – they are not the same as toilet tissue

These are the main things which people throw down public loos. It is dirty, gross and disrespectful of those others using the facilities or, worse still, having to clean them.

So as lockdown draws to (more or less) a close, please think about what you are doing when using public facilities.



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