A visit to the foot health pro during COVID-19

The upside of ‘lockdown’ is that I have been walking more rather than going out in my car.

The downside of that is that I constantly seem to wear trainers (not my favourite footwear) and the toe that causes me problems over time (and has done for years) had decided that now was the time to act up and make walking sore and uncomfortable. So, I contacted Steph in Bude, foot health professional, to see if I could have an appointment.


She completed a COVID risk assessment and I was deemed to need treating so off I went yesterday to be improved.

Pleased to say the foot is now feeling much better after nearly an hour with the delightful Steph, but it acted as a sharp reminder of what life is like for businesses at the moment with the extra equipment, safeguards, and paperwork in place, all of which come at quite a cost.

Steph is currently only able to see two people a day.

The appointment starts with hand sanitiser, and the offer of a mask if I had not brought my own. I had. This was the first time I had to wear a mask and it felt strange. At first, I thought my asthma may find it a struggle but I survived OK. Not sure what a long train journey would be like with one though. I think I’d ideally try to avoid going anywhere that required long use wear of one.

Poor Steph was in full (uncomfortable and hot) PPE with mask and visor, essential as she works predominantly with older clients, and as she could only be about a metre away from me to tackle my feet. In addition, she has a protective perspex screen to separate off client and professional.

It is not possible to have a fan or air conditioning in the room because of the reflow of air, so she has to rely on ventilation with the back door to her consulting room open along with the roof window. I felt for her.

So, you can see that times are difficult at the moment – no way does it feel like normality. On the plus side, she did use some rather splendid (vegetarian) Dermatonic lotions on my feet (there’s also a hand balm for those who use sanitiser a lot) which felt very good afterwards and are reasonably priced.

Thanks very much indeed to Steph. Here’s her Facebook page if you want some lovely creams or to organise a foot treatment (service hopefully closer to normal in July/August). Lord knows what a visit to the dentist or doctor will be like!




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