A view from the breakwater…

As the sort of person who would sit at her desk all day long, earning backache and sore eyes in the process, it is good to have a visitor to put a stop to it. That said, I simply get up earlier and do it then!

It was lovely to revisit the breakwater yesterday in the very hot sunshine which is melting the tarmac near my home. I haven’t been on the breakwater since falling a couple of years ago, badly winding myself and struggling for some weeks with a sore back, so it was with trepidation that I got as far as Tommy’s Pit. Anyway, that’s that fear over! The thought of immobility terrifies me! Luckily, it was pretty dry so not so slippy as it can be.

It was good to get a different view of Bude and to see it through a visitor’s eyes, nicely rounded off with ice creams (vegan on offer which suited my visitor very nicely) at Bellini’s. Not too many visitors yet mean large expanses of beach are available.  Good to see bodyboarding (no surf!) and lots of youngsters down at Summerleaze.

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