A trip to the sun … not quite

On our Facebook page, a few locals have responded to reports of the Saharan sandstorm hitting the Canaries, which has interrupted flights.

The BBC reported:

Poor visibility led to AENA, Spain’s airport operator, cancelling, suspending or diverting flights.

The country’s national weather service has warned that winds of up to 120km/h (75mph) could hit the Canaries until Monday.

The winds have also affected ferry services, and hampered efforts to fight a wildfire in Tasarte, Gran Canaria.

Rosie has commented on FB:

We managed to land in Fuerterventura on Saturday…Tenerife and Grand Canaria airports closed. Everything, everywhere covered in red dust, scarves making makeshift masks, people advised to stay indoors with windows closed!

More info on Euro News.


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