A Travelodge for Bude?

Thanks must go to an eagle-eyed youngster for spotting this before I did.

PA19/01978 | Full Planning Permission and Conservation Area Consent for the development of a 70-bed budget hotel, including bar and cafe, with associated car park and access works | Former Bus And Coach Depot Lansdown Road Bude Cornwall EX23 8BN
Architects from Buckinghamshire have designed plans to transform the former bus depot on Lansdown Road into a Travelodge with 70 bedrooms and 30 car parking spaces. The site was originally used as a bus garage for the Western National Bus company and was a primary stop for bus passengers. Up to 10 coaches were garaged at the premises at any one time.
The site received planning approval in April 2016 for 5 townhouses, 10 flats and 3 commercial spaces, but is currently derelict, in a poor state of repair and unoccupied since 2003.
The application notes that Premier Inn was approved without parking spaces and that recent approval for an 80 space public car park only 50m distant is likely to be constructed on the adjacent golf course in April 2019.
Read more here, and add your comments be they for or against.  Feel free to share your views with us, too!


  • Paul crum says:

    Jensen the additional car park on the golf club?

  • John says:

    What a shame, a typical case of the council killing the goose that laid a golden egg. This will kill off small local businesses, will lead to over crowding in the summer months and will I believe ultimately spoil what people love about Bude. Where are all these extra people that the council want to encourage to visit Bude going to spend their days? Certainly not on the beach, they are already overcrowded in summer. Have you ever tried to swim between the life guard flags in August, it’s almost impossible already!

    I regularly meet people who have been visiting Bude for 20 to 30 years and who always say they love the fact it hasn’t changed much. Will the new visitors who the council want to encourage to come to Bude continue to come here for years to come in the same way? I doubt that, Bude is in danger of becoming like any other sea side town. shame!

    • Paul says:

      Hotel beds in Bude have declined in Bude dramatically over the last 30 years! An extra 70 rooms only goes so far to redress the loss. But potentially an extra 140 people will be spending money in the evening when the day trippers have gone home.

      When it’s safe to do so the lifeguards place the flags at a width to suit the people and the conditions prevalent

      • John says:

        I believe that this will lead to the loss of further hotel beds in the long term. These large companies such as Premier Inn and Travel Lodge cut prices in the winter and run at a loss then cream off the higher prices during the Summer. This reduces the effective season for small accomodation providers to summer months only. There comes a point where the levels are so low, and the season so short that it’s not worth continuing. Ultimately you will end up with only these large national generic accomodation providers. The small independant establishments will close and the nature of the town will be lost for ever. Premier Inn has already had a negative impact on winter business for the small bed and breakfast establishments in town.

        As for the lifeguard flags Paul, you’ve clearly never tried swimming between them on a sunny day in August! It gets so busy that people end up igoring the flags and swimming outside the areas and end up getting into arguments with those who want to surf!

        Anyway, I still think its a shame. 4 years ago Bude was genuinely different, it hadn’t even been taken over by Costa! But the rot has set in, Costa, Subway, Premier Inn, what’s next, Mc Donalds and Burger King.?!

    • Gem says:

      Bude is already spoilt. Too many houses have been built here, so it is not quite a seaside town any more – hasn’t been for years. Bude is already overcrowded in the summer months. I’m not for it or against it. But it will bring more trade for business in Bude, also more jobs in Bude.
      There are always good and bad points. Bude isn’t like it used to be. I’ve lived here all my life and thinking of moving away now as very overpopulated.

  • Nicola Rufus says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention . I. am sad to read it, not because I am against big business Travelodge is a franchise so someone has looked at it fine the sums snd considers that they can benefit themselves whilst preventing the further degeneration of a large building in town.
    My sadness comes from the generic nature of businesses taking hold in Bude. It will bring some people in and drive some people out increase some trade and under cut others.
    Ii would not wish for Bude to be cast in the same mould as so many other towns losing its unique quirky independent individual nature to homogeneous characterless edifices..
    If tourism is our main stray then let us glory in being different, give people a reason to come!

  • Carol says:

    So sad, yet again another multi-national company that is totally wrong for our lovely seaside town. It’s certainly not the correct look or feel for our town. Yet again this development will be passed by people who don’t live anywhere near this proposed building. You want a travel lodge, parking etc., fine, put it out on the “waste of money, and space tripos” site!

  • L Cox says:

    As a local accountant, I for one understand people saying ‘shame it’s a multi national’, but no one in the town uses small local shops selling gifts and shells and seaside stuff on a daily basis. As a town, we need to recognise the fact that for about 12 weeks a year, we are a tourist attraction. Quaint is not going to pay rent and bills. If the local shops can make enough money through the high season to sustain themselves from closing down , then it’s a win win…it’s called reality. Bude is a wonderful place to live and we should embrace a small amount of nationals, they bring people in with no imagination who need nationals it seems, to survive. It also stops locals going off to Exeter so much if the town has more to offer. This is only an answer to a need for accommodation. I’m sick of hearing over the years, I’d like to come, it can’t find a place to stay! But…right in the town is wrong, use the Tripos area, that I agree on.

    • John says:

      As an Accountant you shuld know that no small accomodation provider can compete with the very low winter prices charged by these large companies. This therefore kills off winter trade reducing the trading window. Whilst summer trade will continue for all, winter trade will die completely leading to establishments closing for 4 to 5 months of the year. How do the small providers pay their rent and bills in the winter?

    • Adam says:

      Completely agree, I’m not sure that Travelodge are geared to compete with the local holiday trade, (torurism). What Bude is short on is accommodation outside of the normal hoilday window. What I do know is that Travelodge would have conducted a thorough business plan. Maybe other seasonal businesses in Bude need to look at this too to avoid the ghost town out of holiday season?

  • Tom Cartwright says:

    Will probably be used to house layabouts and such from elsewhere as Travelodge do in other places councils put PROBLEM people in them in London.

  • John says:

    Have used travelodges on many occasions for business. Basically business travellers will be delighted and it will free up beds in local accommodation for tourists. It brings people right into the town who are gonna be eating out on expense accounts. Crack on I say.

    • John says:

      In the winter, the vast majority of people visiting Bude are travelling for work. That’s my point. Winter trade for small providers will be lost, and therefore the viability of keeping them open for the rest of the year decreases. Most people not working who visit out of season are visiting friends or family.

  • Kevin Colwill says:

    The original plan of town houses and retail units is obviously not considered economic. That should not mean Bude has to accept a cut and paste generic design from a cut and paste generic hotel company.
    Why can’t we be more ambitious? We’ll be told how many new jobs will be created but the best jobs are never available to locals. The management team will be shipped in from elsewhere.

  • Caroline says:

    Is there any way we can object to this travel lodge being built? One massive hotel (Premier Inn) is enough!
    I am a local and I specifically buy my food, gifts etc on a regular basis from the local shops on purpose.
    A previous comment said locals didn’t! Where is your evidence?
    If we keep allowing money and greed to get the better of the town then it will be lost to the companies that don’t care and that can afford to make a loss.
    Bude residents need to stand up and say no more big businesses! ‘No’ to Travelodge!

  • Emmily says:

    Hotel prices in Bude are ridiculous and for what? Musty carpets, curtains and bed throws from what I remember. It costs less to go abroad all inclusive for 2 weeks than visit Bude for a week. I like a Travelodge, they provide comfort and don’t send me broke. If they do deals in winter, good. Maybe local businesses should step their game up, learn off these businesses that have done incredibly well and also do deals in winter, ect.

  • Theresa Muir says:

    My Dad recently visited Cornwall on a coach trip with other folk of his generation from Surrey. We wanted to stay near to him for 2 nights. I contacted several hotels and guest houses and found the prices to be crazy! I was quoted over £400 for 2 people for 2 nights bed and breakfast in one hotel. The prices came down from there. We booked the travelodge at £78 for 2 people and 1 dog for 2 nights…. It was a no brainer. I am an average earner, I certainly cannot afford to pay the crazy prices asked at many hotels and guest houses, travelodge made it possible for us. I’ve used travelodge in many places all over the country, they are excellent and they make it possible for us to stay in the UK when needed or when we want to. As has already been mentioned it is actually cheaper to fly abroad on a week long all inclusive holiday than to stay in many places in Bude, Cornwall and the UK.

  • Dennis Jeffery says:

    They need their own parking area. I would be very wary of parking in a private car park overnight, it could cost a lot of money and being five minutes over your time in the morning could add another £60. Private car park owners are sharks and rely on penalty charges to make money. You could end up paying more for parking than the cost for the room.

  • Emiky says:

    There are good and bad sides to Travelodge being here in Bude.
    Good points – brings more jobs to Bude, as with all the houses they keep building here, Bude is very overpopulated with not many jobs for people. The building will look a lot better than the building that is currently there.
    Will bring lots more trade to Bude for shops, takeaways, restaurants and pubs.
    Bad points – traffic jams in the Summer, may affect hotels, B and B, campsites, holiday parks. The building currently there looks horrible.

  • Phil Sutton says:

    Travelodge and more jobs?Hmmm.We use the Travelodges at Okehampton and Whiddon Down to extend our Holidays(and avoid traveling north on fridays).Can I just say this:-
    there are two receptionists,1 days,1 nights,and 2 cleaners,mornings.Going to make a big dent in the unemployment figures methinks.and I don,t think the prices are that cheap now.No doubt the place will run at a loss for a couple of years and then be sold on for housing……………

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