A touch of alchemy in Bude

We are all getting into ‘upcycling’, so I recently threw The Alchemist in Bude what I believed was the ultimate challenge.

My mother died in 2017 leaving me her various bits of jewellery, at least the stuff that hadn’t disappeared when my Dad’s house was burgled while he was in the hospital recovering from a stroke. The problem was, Mum’s and my tastes were very different. Not only that, her jewellery was of its time.  It was not for me, and nor did her granddaughters want it. It languished in a box at home for some time until I decided to try to get it refashioned into something I would actually wear, to remind me of my Mum.

Off I went to the Alchemist (to be fair, I also tried Thorn’s but never managed to get my timing right). So, an hour of discussion about what I wanted (I hadn’t a clue) and my order was in. I had faith in the place because twice I’d had a treasured gold necklace fixed when others had told me it was unmendable, but it was emotionally quite hard to let my Mum’s jewellery go to be melted down and refashioned.

Today, I collected my ring, and was more than thrilled with its fit, modern design and feel. It’s a very impressive piece of kit, one I shall treasure. Gollum would be well jel!

Gone is my mother’s shouldered engagement ring and in its place, I have a stunning and unique ring made with the gold my Dad bought my Mum. My photos don’t do it justice. Thanks very much to the Alchemist for living up to the promise of the name, transforming Mum’s gold into what feels like a work of art, allowing me to wear a little bit of my heritage.

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