A shout out for Bude BRAG

It’s never great to see litter, and Bude BRAG are really doing their utmost to ensure any litter is cleaned up before it makes its way into our rivers and ultimately the sea.  I remember a few years ago a man walking along the path on the downs eating sweets and dropping wrappers as he went. My daughter was too young then to feel comfortable about confronting him but quietly followed him picking up his wrappers and putting them in the bin for him. There are good people and there are those who frankly don’t give a damn where litter is concerned.

There is no reason on earth to drop litter, other than sheer laziness and a distinct lack of interest in the society in which we live. Many of us do our bit and collect litter when we see it, but BRAG goes a whole step further and cleans up entire areas of ground where, for example, gulls get at the bins, which is what has probably happened in this case in Stratton.


Tell me you prefer this …

To this … and I don’t believe you, whoever you are!

It’s not rocket science:

  1. Please use the bins.
  2. If they are full please take litter home to dispose of.
  3. If you put out a bin bag, please clean up any mess created.
  4. Holiday homeowners, you are responsible. We have holiday cottages and we take responsibility even if not all of our visitors do though we try to encourage recycling as appropriate, etc.

Meanwhile, a MAHOOSIVE thanks to BRAG for doing other people’s dirty work for them!


  • Paul says:

    It’s education that we need to push. As a small holiday resort, we rely on visitors to our beautiful town, so would you like to see this when you go on holiday?
    First impressions say a lot.

    • Absolutely, but education takes time and a change in mindset, though it can happen – look at the anti-plastics movement. Meanwhile, people need to clean up their own mess but when they don’t bother it’s great that you are making such a difference.

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