A safe and respectful summer, please

Let’s make it a safe and respectful summer.

That’s the message from Devon & Cornwall Police.

With the school holidays, and hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking to our towns, resorts and coastal areas, times are a little trying. Many supermarkets are struggling with national supply chain issues, while places are crowded and some cafes/restaurants are closed due to staff shortages (illness, pinging, etc). It is enough to put anyone in a bad mood, but please be kind and respectful to everyone around you.

Chief Superintendent Dan Evans, Commander for North, East and West Devon as well as summer policing for Devon & Cornwall Police said: “The tourist economy in Devon and Cornwall has suffered significantly in the last 18 months. We are working closely with our partners to support local business and unlock our society safely and in accordance with government and medical advice.

“With the continued uncertainty surrounding travel abroad, we expect an even greater number of people to visit the region on top of those having a staycation, and who can blame them; this is a welcoming community-spirited region and beautiful area thanks to our moors and beaches coupled with the fact that we have one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Chief Supt Evans added: “It has been a difficult year for us all and many are happy to see nightclubs reopen and the return of our evening and night-time economy, but please show some restraint and respect to our resident communities and each other.

“We will not tolerate those who think it’s acceptable to ruin this for others, so we are working hard to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the region.

“With the help of additional funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, we are also targeting 18 additional hotspots in the area where there will be further resources in place to tackle this issue including the use of CCTV and street marshals.”

Please take litter home

Devon & Cornwall Police has already seen significant demand into our call centres this summer, and we ask the public to think about how you contact the police in a non-emergency and to always go online first if you can.

There are many online ways to contact the police including Email 101, WebChat and reporting crime through the online crime reporting form.

As we know, Ambulance and Police services are at full stretch as the SW infrastructure struggles to cope with extra numbers (fact, not anti-tourism) so hopefully, locals and visitors alike can enjoy the delights that the SW has to offer, while realising that the pace of life is also slower everywhere at the moment (try phoning a government department).

Chief Supt Evans added: “You may be coming to Devon and Cornwall on your holidays, but the pandemic remains in all of our communities. Behave appropriately in crowded public spaces, please test regularly and consider wearing a face covering as a respect to others and accept that not everyone, particularly the vulnerable in our communities, will feel safe at this time.

“The summer period can lead to congested roads and demand on all emergency services resources is expected to remain high. I ask that all visitors are patient and plan in more time for your journeys, expect delays on the road network and book ahead. When you do arrive in the region please support and enjoy the local economy, but do it respectfully.”



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