A response to Scott Mann, MP, on sewage discharge

From Bude-Stratton Town Councillors: Simon Browning, Jackie Diffey, Martin Dorey, Philippa Purchase, and Rob Uhlig.
Time and again our vital tourism and water-sports industries are being impacted by raw sewage discharged by water companies.
Our MP, Scott Mann, is clearly aware of this problem and has in the past proposed legislation to try and restrict water companies ability to discharge sewage into the sea, and instead provide the investment needed to upgrade their networks to prevent this happening.
That makes it all the more disappointing that, last Wednesday, Scott Mann decided to vote against the Lords amendment to the Environment Bill that would have required water companies to stop this harmful and filthy practice. In his statement attempting to justify this decision, Mr Mann tries to make out that the amendment would have banned water companies from discharging via storm overflows, with the massive £150 billion cost, whereas the wording of the amendment is that the water companies must ‘take all reasonable steps…’ to eliminate discharges.
The amendment is coming back to Parliament on 27th October so Scott Mann has the opportunity to rethink his position and vote for the amendment. For the sake of our health, the health of the sea and our vital tourist industry we urge him to do so.

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