A request for help, good citizens of Bude

A friend of a friend is in a tricky situation.

I thought if we told her story here on Bude and Beyond, someone might be able to help as they so often do.

Bude is well-known for its community spirit, and also has some people who really may be able to have a positive impact. This is a case of impending homelessness, which is awful at the best of times, but even more difficult at the moment.

The person moved down to the Bude area at the end of Summer, 2019, and has been trying to make a go of staying here, working several seasonal jobs until recently.

She has four dogs to take care of.  She was about to move into new accommodation as the Coronavirus started to impact the world, but of course no-one really knew what was going to happen next. She temporarily moved into a holiday let in one of the villages around Bude, thinking it would be for a week or two whilst she finalised a new place to stay with her dogs.

But then lockdown happened.

Her seasonal work stopped soon afterwards.

To top it all, she may be forced out of the holiday let in the next few days. It’s not the owners of the holiday let that want her to leave, it’s the freeholders of the location who say she is contravention of the recent Coronavirus restrictions.

So how can people help? If you have some accommodation that she could possibly make use of, with her dogs, then it will save the owners of the holiday let, and the person involved a lot of stress and distress.

Do you have some way that you can help this person? Any ideas?

Let us know in the comments below, or email directly at budeandbeyond@gmail.com.

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  • Graham says:

    Go to the council and say she is homeless. They’ll temporarily house her. Not sure if that would count the dogs though. Worth a shot. Good luck. It would be lovely if someone helps. Would be nice to think that people would help others when covid wasn’t happening, but after trying to help a local kid last year who was on the streets in Bude, I fear that she may get many doors closed in her face. At least the council are now obliged to help. Poor lad I tried to help was told he had to move to Newquay or Camborne despite having a job in Bude. She may have to be prepared to relocate.

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