A reminder to keep away from cliff edges

Having recently shared info about a rockfall near Padstow, a few people on our Facebook page have mentioned cliffs around Bude, so thought I’d share it for anyone not familiar with the area.

Good advice is to not walk on cliff edges (also keep dogs on leads on cliffs) but also not to sit or camp by the foot of the cliffs.

Binzy says:  The cliffs at Widemouth are looking a bit unstable at the moment. I’ve been working on Widemouth beach for the last few months and the difference is astonishing. Lots of water running under the cliffs, eating away at the base. It makes me cringe when I spot people camping on the beach, tucked out of sight under the cliffs. There’s already been a couple of minor rockfalls.

Meanwhile, Sean adds: And Northcott Mouth, parts of which have looked unstable for years. Another problem is that the cliffs are often undercut, which cannot easily be seen when walking along the cliff path.

Thanks guys.

More cliff erosion

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