A nice gentle flow of customers in Bude

I drove to Bude today for a foot health appointment, and noticed how much more vibrant the town centre looked with the shops open, and people strolling around. Some people were walking along eating ice creams which made me a bit envious, if I’m honest!

Noticed some crazy sales going on, not too surprisingly so a good time for consumers to bag a bargain …

A Bude arrow

Earlier, I asked on our Facebook page how day one of the shops reopening was in Bude. These are some of the facebook responses:

Andre tells us it was very busy in Peacocks.

People seemed to be ordering white goods at Woolacott’s which is good news. The Alchemist said they had enjoyed a nice, gentle flow of customers with lots of watch battery replacements! People felt there was a good atmosphere in the town, and people were mainly abiding by the arrow system.

However, there is still nervousness, not for Bude the queues one has seen in the cities. Kerry probably spoke for many when she said:

To be honest I felt downright nervous going out and I only had 2 shops to go in.

She added:

Was a bit put out when I was waiting in Woolacotts for a sales assistant to be free when an older lady decided to not follow the one way system, and got served before me. When I pointed out that clearly there was a system in place, her answer was: “oh well I only want something small so will be quick. Don’t want to spend any longer in shops than I have to…”

The town was fairly quiet, steady stream and on the whole people keeping their distance.

Difficult as people are all still getting used to the new system.

Barry added:

I believe the town was extremely well behaved and the 3 shops we visited were strictly observing social distancing. Wroes has a separate door to enter and depart and requested every visitor to sanitise on entry and informed them on their rules and directed them to the areas of interest. It was great being able to browse which led to additional purchases for the store. All in all a great start to stores opening.
On the subject of one way system, the arrows on the kerbs are great but many visitors were unaware of their purpose so failed to follow the recommendations. I pointed this out to a couple of visitors who admitted they were unaware of the rule and stated there were no notices explaining this to visitors. Maybe something to follow up.

Meanwhile, we must remember that some people are still shielding, such as Ray, so cannot go shopping at all yet. But it seems the day passed without incident in Bude. Research suggests that footfall in high streets was 42% higher than last week. That figure is expected to rise.


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