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It’s hard to believe it but this year marks 10 years since the start of the war in Syria, with many thousands of children and young people displaced for another winter having been forced to flee their homes because of the conflict.

At ShelterBox we provide emergency shelter and other essential items to families after disaster and have had an ongoing presence in Syrian displacement camps since 2013 – delivering aid to more than 400,000 people across the region.

With more than half of adults across the south west region considering donating to charity this Christmas, instead of buying gifts, they could make a real difference to families in Syria facing near freezing temperatures over the winter months.

ShelterBox has launched a Christmas appeal – www.shelterbox.org/shelter-for-christmas/ – should you wish to find out more about how to give the gift of warmth and shelter this winter to children – many who have only known their country at war.

  • £24 could buy a thermal baby bundle
  • £52 could provide a collection of winter clothes
  • £95 could give a winter-proof home kit
  • £119 could fund a home repair kit

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What are your thoughts on charitable donations instead of Christmas gifts? What are you doing this year? Let us know …

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