A good news story for Bude from its Coastal Community Team

How refreshing and wonderful to have a good news story, focusing on the great work our community does.

Recently, Bude Coastal Community Team made a generous indefinite loan of five laptop computers to support Budehaven pupils working from home during the Coronavirus crisis.

Over recent weeks, children not able to attend Budehaven have been doing their homework online. However, a number of children do not have access to a computer at home, so the school has handed out as many laptop computers as it could, but demand had outstripped supply, leaving some pupils with no means to keep up with work.

On hearing of this situation, Bude Coastal Community Team (BCCT) decided to offer assistance. BCCT was established in 2015 to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits for the area. With the funding BCCT received from the Government when setting up, it bought a number of laptop computers to deliver a short-term training programme. Since that programme ended, the laptops have seen little use. BCCT was therefore only too pleased to make an indefinite loan of its laptop computers to Budehaven to allow more pupils to work from home.

Mr Pearce, a teacher from the English and Drama department said: “We are delighted to receive these computers from BCCT, and the pupils whose school work will benefit from having them are very grateful. They genuinely will make a big difference at this difficult time. We’ve had some pupils trying to do their homework via their mobile phones which is incredibly difficult”. Mr Pearce hopes that the generous spirit of this nature becomes infectious, leading to more people becoming even more charitable.

Former Budehaven maths teacher and Chairman of BCCT, Paul Tilzey, said “It made perfect sense to offer our laptop computers to the school. They were not getting much use, and although they are an older model, they will still help pupils to work from home. This is exactly the sort of thing that BCCT was set up to do and I’m thrilled we could help”.

The handover of the laptop computers from BCCT to Budehaven was arranged by Ian Saltern who works as Community Projects Manager for BCCT. Ian said: “It’s very rewarding when we can quickly meet a community need like this”.


Pictured is Dominic Wilks, Headteacher of Budehaven Community School and Paul Tilzey, Chairman of Bude Coastal Community Team . The photograph was taken following social distancing guidelines. One of the laptops can be seen safely balancing on the fence between them. The laptops have been disinfected and are already being shared with pupils of Bude who will instantly benefit from this.

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