A free innovative beach clean app …

Jeanie Lamb from Buttermilk’s Padstow shop with Tidal Revival founder Rob Martindale.

Buttermilk is sponsoring the new Tidal Revival app, making it the latest Cornish business to get behind the initiative which encourages people to clear plastic waste from the coast.


The free app was launched worldwide this week, to incentivise people to spend time picking up litter by rewarding them with discount vouchers and treats from local businesses.


Every beach in the UK has been added to the app, with work on-going to add beaches all around the world. Users score points based on the amount of plastic they collect, meaning that they can cash in their points for treats while also helping the environment.


As well as being one of the earliest sponsors of the app, Buttermilk’s Padstow store has a treat for app users. Here, Tidal Revival app users will be able to exchange 100 points for Buttermilk’s newly-launched caramel sea salt fudge snack bar.


The snack bars are wrapped in plant-based wrappers instead of plastic. Once the fudge has been enjoyed, the cellulose packaging can be placed into a home compost bin and will decompose within 26 weeks at ambient temperature.


Buttermilk director, Tracy McDonnell Goad said: “Sustainability is an important part of Buttermilk’s ethos and we are making a start on finding a plastic-free solution for our packaging. We want customers can enjoy a guilt-free treat, knowing that the packaging will not end up in the oceans. Being based in Cornwall means we’re surrounded by beaches so we see first-hand the importance of incorporating environmentally-sustainable packaging materials.


“Buttermilk is a proudly Cornish business and all of our team live and spend a great deal of time near the coast. We see day-to-day the impact of plastic on the ocean and were delighted to be approached by the Tidal Revival founder Rob Martindale.”


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