A Cornish response to tiers …thinking aloud

With the tiering system and the growing antagonism to it in parts of the north (I lived in the north-west for many years, so have some sympathy for their very real plight), plus the fire-breaker lockdown in Wales, I suspect two things might happen:

  1. Some people who were going to Wales may instead come to the SW, as one of the few holiday areas that look set to remain in tier 1.
  2. Holiday accommodation providers will also presumably get cancellations from people in tier 3 specifically (and tier 2) areas as the guidance is that they should not travel unnecessarily (tier 2) and should not move in and out of their area (tier 3) which again leaves Cornish hospitality businesses potentially without much income.

The timing o the tiering/fire-break has been set to coincide with half-term breaks. Which will predominate is hard to say – greater influx or fewer visitors. To some extent businesses are at the whim of governments and there is a growing sense of exasperation with increasing lockdowns but poor track and trace systems. Some businesses are deciding for themselves (at great financial cost, no doubt). For example, yesterday, I noticed a cafe business in south Cornwall had put this on their Facebook page and wondered whether some local businesses will tackle the situation similarly or will try to keep calm and carry on.

It’s a difficult decision for businesses and probably depends upon their own situations and vulnerabilities. I certainly don’t have the answers.

In the face of rising cases of Covid 19 and the prospect of an influx of tourists over half term from tier 2 and 3 areas we have made the decision to close for the season from this Saturday the 17th October. Whilst our Covid protection systems are robust, our staff are interacting with over 200 customers daily. The odds start to rise rapidly of one of these customers carrying Covid from tier 2 and 3 areas. Some of our staff have health issues and / or are caring for vulnerable relatives, we and they just don’t want to take the risk. We’d like to thank you our wonderful customers for your support this year and we look forward to welcoming you back at the end of March 2021 as we open for Easter. Take care and keep safe.

Any thoughts? What will half term be like in Bude?




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