A Bude bake-off?

Someone emailed me yesterday to ask when the next Bude Bake-Off would be, which made me think that, while not exactly a bake-off, at this time when many of us are still relatively home-based, why not have a baking/recipe share on Bude & Beyond?

If you have a favourite cake (or anything else) recipe and photo, please upload it using the ‘Submit Your News’ button top right, or email to me (Dawn) at budeandbeyond@gmail.com. We can then share ideas and try them out. It’s not a competition, just an info share.

Lots of people put recipes on Facebook and Instagram but they soon disappear from view. Here, you will always have access to them under the category ‘Recipes’

Anyone fancy starting the ball rolling? Simple would be good, with readily obtainable ingredients. If there’s a story to go with it (getting a bit Nigella here) then so much the better …

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