A big thanks to Bude & Beyond’s IT guys

Dean Wronowski and Rob Wilcox – IT supremos.

It is a stereotype that men are better at IT than women. However, on our team of three, the stereotype is true. I sadly lack interest and motivation to learn the subject, so rely heavily on these two amazing guys who give their time to the Bude community via Bude & Beyond and other community projects. They do it for coffee and cake, or similar!

Changes are afoot at Bude & Beyond:

  1. We want to make it easier for people to search on their mobile devices, so Dean is working on that.
  2. As a community publication, we want your involvement. The submit your news button broke, but Rob has fixed that and it is working again as today’s Welcombe Open Studios posting demonstrates. Please submit your news, updates, campaigns, causes and events.
  3. We note that some people miss our old separate events listing facility, so Dean and Rob are working on reinstating that.
  4. Also, our Be Nostalgic part of the site has been neglected as we intended to bring across our other website, Bude Past & Present onto this one – this is proving complicated but Rob is working hard with Dean to accomplish this as soon as possible. Old Bude/history/nostalgia is very popular so we hope to bring that full service to our readers soon.
  5. Our Be Inspired section requires you. Can you inspire people through your words or pictures to do something new? Try a beach clean, paint a picture, join a class, build a stone wall, try genealogy, bake a cake? Lots of you have hobbies/skills at which you are extremely adept – please share your thoughts and ideas or step by step examples, ideally with pictures, with everyone else to encourage a community of people trying new things. Let’s make Bude better not just environmentally but also for learning, art and culture.

Finally, and herein lies the rub, many thanks to our sponsoring advertisers who keep Bude & Beyond free to you, the end user, along with bucketloads of time donated for free by the guys and me (Dawn).

So, if any businesses out there want to support us through advertising, click on the advertisement button. The guys are working on making the adverts higher profile and more prominent, and our viewing figures are impressive. If you don’t want a whole year of advertising, then contact us to check about a month’s worth. Any revenue goes back to paying hosting fees and for site development.

You won’t get that level of commitment and service for free anywhere else in Bude – but we do need your help.


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