84% of All British Travel Done By Road


Cars at Summerleaze #Bude

Cars at Summerleaze #Bude

A new National Travel Survey, commissioned by Europcar, reveals that 64% of all travel in the UK is done by road, apparently confirming the British love of motoring.

In fact, car and van trips account for 77% of the distance travelled on an average year, in a survey of 6,830 UK households. 

Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group, said: “It’s clear from the National Travel Survey that UK travellers prefer to travel by road, rather than choosing the expense and possible delays of train travel. The convenience of car hire from Europcar means customers can take the scenic route or stop off along the way, helping them enjoy the journey.

Hmn, I think that down here, there is little other option than using the car, even if only driving to the nearest (many, many, many miles away) railway station!

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