£7500 For Bude SLSC

Adrian Parsons

Scott Mann has welcomed news that the Government will give nearly £7,500 to the Bude Surf Life Saving Club as part of a £1million scheme to help teach essential water rescue skills.

The club, which has over 250 members, works to patrol beaches and gives the opportunity to both learn and teach lifesaving.

Scott Mann said:

“I’m delighted to see Bude Surf and Life Saving Club getting this funding boost. The Club does fantastic work in Bude, and the local community benefits greatly from their service. This money will allow them to develop their service which is fantastic for both local residents and visitors”.

Adsrian Parsons, Chairman of the SLSC, said:

“Bude Surf Life Saving Club are delighted to hear we have been awarded £7,300 towards the purchase of equipment for use in flood rescue. We are the first Surf Life Saving Club to be formed in Great Britain, in 1953. As a club, we have patrolled the beaches of Bude on a voluntary basis, from the year we were formed.  As we already have members who are experienced and have a great deal of knowledge in surf rescue, we had decided we were well placed to become involved in flood rescue, so we would be in a position to assist whenever needed. With this equipment we will be now be able to start the training required to have a team in place, should our services be required”.

Maritime Minister, John Hayes, added:

“Every day, countless volunteers in water rescue charities across our island nation carry out vital work during emergencies, not only around our coasts but also keeping our rivers, lakes and inshore waters safe. It is imperative that we value and support their tireless efforts. I am delighted to be able to announce the latest round of funding, ensuring they have the equipment and resources they need to provide their round-the- clock lifesaving services”.

The Minister awarded a further £29,000 to two other organisations in Cornwall, namely SLS Cornwall in Newquay and the Cornwall Search and Rescue Team in Bugle.


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  • Avatar Lucille Opie says:

    £7,500 given by the government to the surf club is great news and I am sure everyone is very pleased. BUT, it is time that there was a brand new Surf club building, a ‘state of the art’ building as they say. The Bude Surf Club has run for years in that old building that does nothing to enhance the beauty of Crooklets beach, or encourage the youngsters to join. So many beaches around Cornwall – to name a few, all the St Ives and Newquay beaches are so much more attractive and look fresh, smart and modern. The Bude Surf club was the first in Britain, they were the first to teach the public and are still doing so, quite voluntarily, to save lives in Britain. The Bude Surf club needs a couple of noughts attached to £7,500 to be able to do anything really worth while. Sorry to put a damper on your achievement Scott and I admire you for what you have managed to get. I suppose what it really needs, sadly, is for a millionaire to buy it! But, we certainly don’t want that. The saving of lives on our beaches is a very important service to the community and as such should, like public toilets and other services we pay rates for, be paid by the government to our county councils. It is important all children are encouraged to learn the skills from the older local people. in their community. They then acquire a better understanding and respect of the wonderful yet very dangerous seas around the coast of our wonderful island. The people do the job voluntarily BUT they should be given the premises and equipment to do their job by our councils! There! I rest my case … except to say, we at last have some modern attractive beach huts so that’s a start. Hopefully a new toilet block with showers will soon follow …

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