4 vehicles stopped for ‘no excuse’ offences near Bude

A few people will be realising that Devon & Cornwall Police has a dedicated ‘No Excuse’ road safety team, tackling the fatal five:

  • speeding
  • failure to wear a seatbelt
  • intoxication (alcohol or drugs)
  • careless driving
  • using a mobile phone

So, reported on Twitter in January are:

  • uninsured vehicle stopped in Bude – driver has been reported and will receive at least 6 points on her licence along with a fine
  • uninsured BMW near Kilkhampton
  • driver of vehicle in Bude tested positive for cannabis at the roadside. Driver arrested and now in custody for bloods to be obtained
  • driver had a revoked licence and no insurance on the A39 at Camelford. Vehicle seized and driver reported for the offences


Just a reminder that because we live in a quiet, rural area, it doesn’t mean you won’t get caught.

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