27, 054 in August

20, 054.

What does that mean?

It means that ignoring all our other sections, the Be Local part of our site achieved its highest performance of 2018 in August with a whopping 27, 054 views during that month. Do check out our other sections for they contain some fine info.

We are really pleased for our sponsoring advertisers that Bude & Beyond is so well loved, but also that we seem to be delivering informative and interesting material to the readers of Bude.

Remember that Rob and Dean (our technical guys), Helen and Binzy (our contributing writers) and Dawn (editor/writer) provide this information for you free of charge, along with the associated social media. If you have suggestions or ideas, do get in touch. Join the team.

If you want to contribute your news, views, photos or stories, please do – we have a submit your news button top right.

If you want to advertise, please do, as it supports our development as a hyperlocal newspaper online for the community.

If you want to get involved, then take the plunge and just do it! Contact Dawn at budeandbeyond@gmail.com for more info and a modicum of training.

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