260 Dwellings To Be Built At Stratton

Contributed by a reader:

Planning application PA18/09670 states that Cavanna homes requires the land north of Stratton road at Hillhead Farm, Stratton, to build 260 homes, along with public open space, scout hall, allotments, community hub, community building, GP surgery and office space. So basically a new town!

So if you don’t want the last section of green space between Bude and Stratton to be built on and you want Bude to remain nice, then I recommend you object! You can object by going to the ‘Cornwall planning page’ and entering PA18/09670 into the search bar, then make a comment and object.


  • Ian Mason says:

    Unfortunately, the ship has sailed so – as I understand it – it is now too late to object to this development in principle. The outline application for permission for this development was granted in December 2016 under reference PA15/10905 and an application to permit phased development of the site was passed the following year. There were many objections at the time of the original application, including from BSTC, but the planners clearly did not consider them insuperable. So, I believe, there is now opportunity only to object to matters of detailed design.

  • Dennis Jeffery says:

    You can object all you like but if the developers are big enough they will take it to the secretary of state for communities where it will be passed anyway.

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