2021 Bude Coastguard’s busiest year ever

Bude Coastguard & Rescue Team says 2021 has narrowly pipped 2020 to become their busiest year ever, with 55 call outs to a very wide range of incidents. It also included their busiest month ever, with no less than 16 call-outs in July alone.
On their Facebook page, they say:
With North Cornwall once again experiencing a huge influx of summer visitors due to the uncertainty surrounding foreign travel, many of whom were new to the area and, critically, to this part of the coastline, the team were again conducting twice-daily safety patrols throughout the summer holidays. The patrols meant that the team could react quickly to an unfolding incident, by having personnel and equipment on scene quickly whilst awaiting the rest of the team, and certainly proved extremely useful on several occasions.
Despite the fluctuating limitations of the coronavirus restrictions, the team managed to keep up a good tempo of training too, with plenty of hours spent over cliffs, in the water, and dealing with fake (and occasionally quite realistic!) injuries.
The range of shouts the team attended has been, as ever, extremely diverse. These ranged from the usual spectrum of injuries that can be expected from coastal walkers and beachgoers to some fairly rare occurrences, such as the day in August when two phosphorous flares were discovered on separate beaches – both of which had to be destroyed by the Royal Navy, and a rare two-week period in which the team attended no less than three cliff rescues, with one lucky visitor being plucked from the cliff face by Rescue 924 (the coastguard rescue helicopter, based in Newquay) after being stabilised in the nick of time by one of our Rope Rescue Technicians.
As we sign off and stand by for what will no doubt be another busy year for the team, we’d first like to pass on our sincere thanks once again to the entire local community for your support and kind words throughout this past year.
The Bude team has worked closely with colleagues in Boscastle, and Hartland, and with the RNLI.
If you see anyone in trouble on the coast, on the cliffs or in the sea, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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